Munich was Germany`s artistic centre at the turn of the 19th century and Schwabing a melting pot of Munich`s bohemia and the spirit of the Belle Epoch.  The Alte Simpl pub was the meeting place of some of Schwabing`s most fascinating characters including Franziska zu Reventlow, Thomas Mann, Marianne von Werefkin, Karl Valentin, Frank Wedekind, Thomas Heine and the founders of Munich`s famous Simplicissimus magazine.

In 1913 Schwabing would also attract the young artist Adolf Hitler, where he would live, paint and hang out in the local bars and cafes.  See the building where Hitler was first photographed by his “court” photographer Heinrich Hoffmann and where he would eventually meet his mistress Eva Braun, as well as visit the local restaurant which was a regular haunt of Hitler`s.
This tour is a leisurely stroll around Schwabing and the local haunts of Munich`s former “bohemians”.  We will conclude at the famous and authentic Alte Simpl pub for a drink..

Tour price: Euro 170,00 (2 hours – walking tour).

(Photo: Katia Mann, nee Pringsheim –  Jewish wife of Thomas Mann)

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